The Vineyard

A viticulture free of chemicals and somewhat dreamlike

Our viticulture is free of chemicals and is part of a family project to restore the traditional farming system.

We decided not to pull up a single century-old grapevine , but rather to restore the vineyard through layering and through replacing the dead vines using plants exactly the same as the existing ones.

So, we planted the old Rupestris du Lot gcadminstock, later grafted to the old pruned grapevines in order to get a new grapevine the same as the existing one. It’s expensive, somewhat bold and risky, but that’s the only way to fully restore the vineyard that makes the wines we love so much.

We still have lots of varieties, all mixtures, even though there are blends where reds dominate and others that are for whites. Variety is the spice of life.

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