The House

Spaces of leisure and proximity with nature

 Agritourism with all the modern conveniences, in the middle of an estate where traditional farming has been restored and where there is perfect harmony with nature and the environment.

The house is literally surrounded by grapevines, olive trees, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Like the old house, it also has a small cellar on the ground floor where the grapes from the estate are worked. Tradition and wine command the entire project and the rural way of life.


In addition to the accommodation space, the house also as several places where you can enjoy the entire building and its surroundings.

  • Panoramic swimming pool
  • A huge terrace viewpoint (180 m2) with bar service, with the Alentejo at your feet
  • Small orchard of leafy tangerine trees for relaxing in the shade in summer
  • Patio in the shade of sweet-smelling linden trees, to the murmur of the running water
  • Cellar which serves as a bar, except at harvest time
  • Dining room with pergola and outdoor seating with the best views of the amphitheatre of the beautiful Reguengo Parish
  • Lounge
  • Games room
  • Mini gym

The Cellar

With 4 different floor levels, this is a small but whimsical cellar. The recipients used for the wine are only the traditional ones: cement vats and clay amphoraehouse and the traditional lagar.

We also have a small support lab for making the wine and a cellar for the barrels and casks where our wines rest.

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