Nature, adventure, culture in a single place

What are you going to do when you get to the Estate? You don’t have anything planned? Don’t worry. We can fix it.

You can read on your balcony or stretch out on the sofa next to the panoramic window in your room and think about the terrible week you had. Or go up to the terrace and have a glass of sparkling wine, wine (or why not a gin and tonic?), feasting your eyes on one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Alentejo, while listening to the sounds of nature or your favourite jazz. You can also take the car and have a drink or try the excellent shepherd’s pie in beautiful Castelo de Vide (a little over 10 km away); or sit on the linden patio listening to the running water while you read your favourite sports paper; or go for a swim in the pool, or just take a calm, refreshing stroll around the area, looking at the endless Alentejo; or… anything else you want to do in this unique place.

We guarantee you that for 8 days, if you want, you won’t have to do anything twice.

With wine

  • Wine tasting at the Estate or from the Wine List
  • Special guided tastings (minimum of 8 people). For example: The best wines of the Alentejo, The best wines of the Douro, Portuguese Terroir Wines, Vintage port from the 1990s, Organic Wines, The wines from Serra de São Mamede, etc. (*) These tastings must be scheduled at least 8 days in advance.
  • Cheese and Regional Sausage Tastings
  • Wine Courses (a minimum of 20 people): Tasting for Beginners – the ABC of wine. Theme Courses: Sparkling Wine/Champagne; Generous Wines; New Wines/Old Wines…

On the Estate

  • Grape harvesting
  • Crushing the grapes in the press
  • Racking must or wine
  • It’s time to pick the olives to make olive oil
  • Getting eggs from the chicken coop to make wild mushroom omelette
  • Pruning
  • Taking the “thieves” off the grapevines
  • Watering the garden
  • Digging the garden
  • Picking tomatoes, onions and peppers for a summer salad
  • Picnics
  • Bottling and labelling wine from the Estate.

The nature in Serra de São Mamede Natural Park

  • Hikes
  • Bike rides
  • Picking mushrooms
  • An encounter with nature (identifying local flora and fauna)
  • An encounter with geology (understanding “the stones” in the Natural Park)
  • For more information about the park please visit:

With friends

  • Tavern itinerary (in Portugal and Spain)
  • Restaurant itinerary
  • Cultural itineraries

Visits to places where traditional crafts are produced (regional sausages, pottery, cakes, textiles, etc)

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